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The Sun Will Always Shine, the Wind Will Always Blow

Active Energy Management via Solar And Wind: why intermittency is just a mid-level engineering problem “Wind and solar PV capacity has grown very rapidly in many countries.. By the end of 2015, these technologies had reached double-digit shares of annual electricity generation … Continue reading

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Shaping Reality: A Tale of Two Narratives

The oil industry’s main narrative remains one of increasing hydrocarbon demand requiring higher levels of investment to supply it.  But it is coming under increasing pressure to adapt to the context of 21st century energy. A counter-narrative has emerged that goes beyond … Continue reading

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New Energy Investment – This Time a Turning Point?

In Nature Energy’s February editorial (see details in the links section on this page) a concise and insightful summary of 2015’s investment in clean energy technology is graphically outlined, using data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance reports. It shows the … Continue reading

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What’s Warming the World, really? The NASA / Bloomberg view.

This won’t close any debate – but lets try to keep to some facts. I note in various comments threads on major energy media sites, and blogs, a lot of erudite financial and economic responses. There is also a lot … Continue reading

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