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May/June Newsletter

  The May / June Newsletter has been added in the newsletter page  – see here

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Exxon’s Dangerous Energy Vision

 “Forecasts are not always wrong; more often than not, they can be reasonably accurate. And that is what makes them so dangerous…
They often work because the world does not always change. But sooner or later forecasts will fail when they … Continue reading

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Scale and Scalability: A One-Chart Guide to the Global Energy Transition

An era of unbalanced, unproductive energy supply is coming to an end – and a new age of scalable, efficient energy is rapidly emerging. In previous posts (eg here and here) we outlined the main features of the current energy … Continue reading

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The Sun Will Always Shine, the Wind Will Always Blow

Active Energy Management via Solar And Wind: why intermittency is just a mid-level engineering problem “Wind and solar PV capacity has grown very rapidly in many countries.. By the end of 2015, these technologies had reached double-digit shares of annual electricity generation … Continue reading

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China’s Electric Conversion – The Energy Transition is Accelerating

China is taking a leadership role in solar and wind deployment for electricity generation: this will accelerate the global energy transition from the thermal system. By 2020 solar and wind could supply over 50% of China’s marginal electricity demand, and non-fossil fuels all … Continue reading

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