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The Energy Transition is Amongst Us: UK Road Fuel Demand Peaks

  The energy transition is accelerating: as predicted, the use of fossil fuels in UK transport has reached a peak, and is now in permanent decline. The forecast here indicates a decrease of 1 billion litres per year through 2025, … Continue reading

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The One Equation that Describes the EV Revolution – that No-one Uses

Note – on the basis that each equation loses 50% of readers, I’ll assume only the hard-core readership remain. EVs and other new energy technologies such as PV solar are disruptive. But incumbent auto and oil companies, and industry analysts assume they will follow … Continue reading

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OPEC’s Terrible Choice:  Its Next Cut Could be a Permanent One.

OPEC seems in control of the oil world, but in fact it is terribly constrained. A review of OPEC’s previous production cuts reveals that: –  it cannot sustain a market share strategy –  it takes the lead in output cuts when demand … Continue reading

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The Surprising Dual Winners of the Energy Transition – OPEC and the New Technologies: Shale, Solar And Wind

   There are a lot of new arrivals at the low-end of the energy cost-curve – but OPEC may yet adapt. Summary US shale and global solar / wind energy technologies are now competing strongly with the traditional oil and gas industry: … Continue reading

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The Sun Will Always Shine, the Wind Will Always Blow

Active Energy Management via Solar And Wind: why intermittency is just a mid-level engineering problem “Wind and solar PV capacity has grown very rapidly in many countries.. By the end of 2015, these technologies had reached double-digit shares of annual electricity generation … Continue reading

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